Eyes And Spirit





This journey that I am on was planned with a focus of helping raise donations and awareness for our most seriously wounded vets. While that remains the mission’s focus, my journey has led me to a very special place. This is a place of the heart. Our individual journey through life needs to be conducted with eyes and spirit open. If we do this we can see the otherwise unseen wonders that always surround us. I have been blessed with two days of heartfelt reconnection and new beginnings to an old and cherished friendship. I have been blessed with the guidance and wisdom of a very special person. I have been shown that life can only be defined by the character that we maintain and most importantly share with others. I have been given the insight of how valuable our “partner in life” can be. I have just spent two incredible days with two very special people. Each their own person and each a true partner to the other. God bless you Joe and Kathy.

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