Iowa Road


photoIt was a 6 hour ride through Iowa..riding the secondary roads, avoiding the highways.  Cornfields on both sides and rarely a car in front or in back.

This gave me a lot of time to reflect on the road behind and the road ahead. My thoughts are still evolving. But after 2200 plus miles I now realize  that this is progress on my ride for the vets…subtracting miles from the 10,000 mile total. But  for what has become an unexpected personal journey I only know one thing. My journey is adding miles to a road of renewal and personal reflection. The total miles to go, remains unknown.


  1. Linda Corti says:

    Hi Rick,

    Believe it or not I just returned from a cousin’s wedding in Clinton, Iowa last week.
    I see the weather is just as great now … Lots of cornfields!

    Following your trip with great interest. Love, Linda

    • longroad says:

      Lots of cornfields! Heading for O’Neill Iowa this morning. The next 245 miles of my journey! Love you.

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