The Unexpected

photoIt’s the unexpected moments that make my ride so fulfilling. Checking out of the hotel today a young bellman helped me from room with the three metal cases and yellow dry bag. On the way to my bike he asked where I was riding to. So I toldĀ him about the ride to build specially adapted homes for our wounded vets. After a conversation he told me his dad although not a vet has been disabled since he was 9. Now he is working multiple jobs to save money to start a small business.
When I went to tip him he said please add what you planned to give me to this donation from me. It’s all I’ve earned so far today. It’s not much but I hope it helps. I shook his hand and told him there is no such thing as a small donation. He handed my his tips so far for the day…$8.00.
Tears in eyes. I began by days journey.

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