Undercover Angel

imageThis morning I left Troy NY heading for Geneva NY. Well It was only a few miles of following my programed GPS route that I realized that something was terribly wrong! I only want to ride America’s back roads…no highways. I want to pass through small towns and meet  the people that help make America great. But the GPS put me on the NYS Thruway and connecting MAJOR highways. So I took the first exit that came along drove down a country road and pulled into a small gas station. Kick stand down, engine off…now how do I find route 20. Rt 20 is the Old Oregon Trail and in most places is a 2 lane country road. Sun beating down, staring at a map, frustration taking over my mind…a cement truck pulls up right next to me. And a little to close for my liking. So I’m sitting on my bike looking at a map and now I have to deal with this guy! The driver of the truck leans out of the window and asks  what year my bike is…I say 2014 and return to reading my map, hoping he would move along. But the “driver” continued the conversation. Where are you heading, why ride alone, how far you going etc.! Before long I gave in and put down my map and joined the conversation. I forgot about my frustrating GPS problems and relaxed and enjoyed our conversation. Well after about a half an hour I asked “the driver” if he knew where Rt 20 was. He said sure I do…take that road right there to the end and make a left. Then follow the road for about 6 miles and you’ll come to Rt 20. I thanked “the driver” and before I headed out he asked if I had a card. So I gave him a Long Road Home business card. I followed his directions exactly and …no Rt 20. So frustration back I pull into a small store parking lot. I park the bike and ask a guy having a cup of coffee and a roll  as he leaned against his car, if he knew where Rt 20 was. What happens next? You guessed it…Where are you heading, why ride alone, how far you going etc! This time I just gave in and went with the conversation. I explained that I was riding 10,000 miles to raise money to build specially adapted homes for severely wounded vets. He asked a few questions and eventually we got to the part of the conversation concerning the whereabouts of Rt 20. Coffee in hand the guy says just go up that road, take Rt 7 and it will take you to Rt 20. So I said thanks, put my helmet on and the guy says by the way do you have a card… my good friend is a PTSD counselor for vets and police officers. I am going to call him right now and see if he can connect you with people to help your effort as you ride throughout  America.  Unreal! “the driver gives me the wrong directions which causes me to stop and ask again for directions, only to meet someone who will greatly help the effort to build homes for our vets! Well if you are still reading this, when I get to Geneva I have a voice mail from “the driver.” The message is “hey Rich This is RODNEY…so sorry that I gave you the wrong info. I forgot to tell you to take Rt 7 to Rt 20.  So pictured here is my “Undercover Angel, RODNEY.”

I am convinced that RODNEY directed me to the second stranger so I would receive the blessing of one more contact that can help our vets.

Here’s to you My Angel!


  1. Patty McManus says:

    I have goose bumps, what a story!!! God does work our lives His way and always has angels watching over us. Your angels are doing a fantastic job!!! Blessing and God Bless!! xo

  2. Rick Rodriguez says:

    I guess if we were indented to go in straight lines we would be crows.
    I’m enjoying following your adventure.

  3. That undercover angel just happens to be my husband. He is so sorry about the bad directions,but is grateful it turned out to be such a wonderful outcome!

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